• Performance Management Resources

    Performance Management Resources
    Ian Pratt
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    Performance Management Overview | The Performance Interview | Download Warning Templates & Flow Chart | Do's, Don'ts & Tips | Phrasing for Negative Feedback

    Free professionally developed performance management resources for you to download

    Performance Management Flow Charts

    For you to effectively manage poor performance and/or undesirable behaviors whilst being fair to your employee and keeping on the right side of legislation you need to ensure that you follow an established good practice.

    A well-developed flow chart will be a useful reference to ensure you are not skipping important steps.

    Note: Even with a well-developed flow chart you need to ensure taking the next step is reasonable, I strongly advise that you seek advice from a specialist in your region on the interpretation of reasonableness.

    Please download your PDF flow chart now Flow Chart.pdf

    More performance management resources are available below including letter templates and check lists

    The Performance Management Flowchart refers to two types of performance management discussions, firstly the informal Fire Side Chat and secondly the more formal Performance Interview.

    Performance Management Resources, Templates & Letter Templates

    Even a verbal warning is provided to an employee in writing, with a copy kept in your employee files.

    Below you will find sample performance interview templates and letter templates that you can uses as a basis for your performance management activities. However you will need to ensure an appropriately skilled person in your region has read the letters before your give them to your employee/s.

    Before issuing a performance warning you should always check with a Human Resources Manager or industrial relations specialist, who should also approve the final printed letter passed to the employee.

    Even with all of my experience, in my region I cross check with an impartial specialist before I take disciplinary action. It is cheaper to get good advice than it is to fight a court case. Below you will find additional links to coaching plan templates, performance improvement plan templates and performance management how to guides.

    Site Links
    Performance Management Overview
    The Performance Interview
    Download Letter Templates & Flow Chart
    Do's, Don'ts & Tips

    Performance Management Checklist PDF MS Word
    Behavior Anchored Rating Scale For Employees PDF or MS Word
    Behavior Anchored Rating Scale For Manager PDF or MS Word

    Links to free and detailed how to guides are provided below.

    Why reinvent the wheel, make use of all of our superior quality performance management tools

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